Occupation: Composer, Digital Sound and Electronic Music Specialist. Related
professional skills: sound designer, professor of composition, music theory,
electronic music, consultant in music,audio, video software, recording engineer,
audio editor, synthesist-pianist, editor, webcaster,painter.

Born Sept, 1955, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Moved to NYC in 1976. Currently residing
in Westchester, New York.


Doctor of Musical Arts, Columbia University, 1992. Dissertation: Views of Time (score) Views of Time: An Analytical and Philosophical Commentary (Thesis)
Master of Arts, Columbia University, 1986. Thesis: Rhapsody on a Jasmine Flower (score)
Bachelor of Music, Manhattan School of Music, 1983.Thesis: Jovian Crepuscule, for Orchestra.
Oak Ridge High School, graduated 1973.
Music Composition with Mario Davidovsky, George Edwards, Jack Beeson, Chou Wen-Chung, Steven Mackey and Elias Tanenbaum.
Additional work with Leon Kirchner and Leonard Bernstein (Tanglewood, 1985).
Electronic Music with Mario Davidovsky, Elias Tanenbaum and Arthur Krieger.
Orchestration with Giampaolo Bracali and George Edwards. Theory with Ludmilla Ulehla, Ursula Mamlok, Martha Hyde, Susan Blaustein, Jacques Monod, Mark Zuckerman, Severine Neff and Patricia Carpenter.
Piano with Celeste Varagona, Martha Pestalozzi and Dalmo Carra.
Conducting with Arthur Weisberg and George Manahan.
Languages: Reading knowledge of German and French, speaking knowledge of Chinese.
CREDITS & CITATIONS Scholarship, Columbia University, 1990-92. Fellow in Music Humanities, Columbia U., 1989 Schaefer, John. New Sounds: a Listener’s Guide to New Music . New York, Harper & Row. 1987. Reviews of Album Asterism in Opus Magazine (1/86) and Keyboard Magazine (7/86). Fellow in Composition, Tanglewood, 1985. Assistantship in Theory/Ear Training, Columbia, 1984-85. Full Fellowship, Columbia University, 1983-85. Scholarship, Manhattan School of Music,1981-82.

Production Experience

Teaching Experience

1993-2010: Professor, Digital Sound, Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.
Digital recording and post production using Pro Tools, SampleCell and Sound Designer, MIDI techniques using Digital Performer, algorithmic soundtracks using MAX.

1992-97: Professor, Music Technology Dept. at New York University.
Introductory course in the principles and practice of MIDI, focusing on MOTU Performer, Galaxy Editor/Librarian and Max.

1990-92: Professor, MIDI Music Production, Columbia University. Similar to NYU course.

1992: Panelist-Lecturer: 2nd International Conference on Chinese Music.
Presented composition involving chinese instruments and electronic sound.

1990-97.: Professor of Composition, Hoff-Barthelson Music School.
Classes in music composition, theory, electronic music.

1992: Instructor in Electronic Music, Manhattan School of Music.
Workshop course plus lecture in electronic music history, theory and practice.

1991: Panelist-Lecturer: Piano Perspectives conference, S.U.N.Y.
Lectures and demonstrations on digital technology in education.

1983-84: Columbia University: Instructor, in Theory and Ear Training.

1981-94.: Manhattan School of Music faculty, Extension, Summer and Preparatory divisions.
Composition, theory and electronic music for both individual students and classroom settings. Electronic classes cover both analog and digital techniques and theory.

Software Experience

Music and Sound Software

Pro Tools 10
Digital Performer
Logic Audio
Supercollider 3
Sound forge, Audacity, Soundbooth, Audition, etc.

Multimedia Software

Flash CC
After Effects CC
Photoshop CC
Dreamweaver CC

Video Editing

Avid Media Composer 8 (currently Nitris system, Isis)
Adobe Premiere CC
associated tools (Media Encoder, Sorenson, etc.)

Compositions and Performances




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