The Music menu above contains performances of my work sorted (roughly) by ensemble.

  • Live Performances: A collection of youtube videos of pieces in concert.
  • TheDarkCloset: Music done for fun and profit, usually with less serious bent.
  • Electronic: A collection of purely electronic and computer music, and performances combining live players and electronics.
  • Small Ensembles: Performances of pieces for two, three or four players.
  • Large Ensembles: Performances by five or more players, including several orchestral pieces.
  • Solos: Live performances of solo works.

My CD Electria offers uncompressed renditions of electronic pieces (also available through iTunes and most digital distributors). I also have an LP (Asterism (1985), audiophile quality pressing by Europadisk), available. Links to youtube performances can be viewed in the Live Performances section.

A performance of of Seranak, 4a.m. is out on Albany Records