My counterpoint teacher at MSM, Ludmilla Ulehla, always insisted that a composer should be comfortable writing in any style, which always made sense. These tracks, while not something I’d ever particularly want on a CD, are some fun excursions into specific genres of the past and present. Many of these are soundtracks to animations that can be found in my video section on this site, done for Ernst & Young.

The Chalkman Walk (music for animation) (electronic orchestration). Created for a series of simple Ziggy-like animations about the Insurance industry.

Phil’s Bounce (electronic orchestration). Created for a retirement video for EY Chair Phil Laskawy.

Corn Tree Music. Charlie Daniels-like 2-step C&W tune.

Connect Now (music for animation). For the 1996 EY Singapore Partner meeting.

On Our Way (studio recording). Instrumental version, melody by Hank Kohout. Used for EY New Partners meetings.

CorpRock316. General fast electro track used for internal comms animated sequences.

For the Forgotten (electric piano solo from 1985 album Asterism)

Globy (music for animation). EY 1996 Singapore Partner meeting

Hophead. My one and only attempt at hiphop. Someday I’d like to try it with actual live players..

Piano solo in Charlie Brown-style.

MasaMusic2 (music for video). Used for production by MSS NY.

The Big Duck Race (music for animation). Early animation track (see videos) for EY.

Step Right Up (music for animation). Early animation track for EY (ducks in a shooting gallery).

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