Video samples

Video for Internal comms and corporate external events

These are recent videos created for internal communications.

One person shoot & edit with photo montages, graphic overlays, etc. Music and Sound design for World Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
Recent project: Historical piece for Town Hall, International Womens Day Latest project: “Common Grounds”, Team Tax updates
Milestones leadership (music:Firstcom) (2016) Two person interview, multicam (music:Firstcom) (2016)

This was the opener for the Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Desert, CA. I enhanced a library track, added sound FX, and mixed to surround for a ballroom.

SGF Opener, Day1, multiscreen, 7.1 sound SGF Opener, Day2, multiscreen, 7.1 sound

A lot of my current duties involve creating short internal video messages from firm leadership. Here are a few examples:

Partner July blog (music: Firstcom) Partner Brazil Announcement (music: Firstcom)

Oldies but Goodies

Created for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 1998 opening. Video by Dina Vitantonio, music composed and realized by Daniel Palkowski. Winner, Axiem award (music), 1998.

Music and Sound Design for Animations

These are examples of Animated sequences I’ve created music and sound for, primarily for Ernst & Young, with a couple of SnideTv examples as well. My relationship with EY started out as a freelance composer and sound designer, and became fulltime in 1997. These examples were made for partner meetings and internal communications, either for the purpose of highlighting some firm initiative or concept, poking fun at the competition, or simply announcing a lunch break, coffee break, etc. Visuals were created by Anna Alvarado and Alex Rivera, I did music comp and realization, sound fx and final output.

The Great Brandini, Pt.1(1998) The Great Brandini, Pt.2(1998)
Ideas, Solutions, Results(1995) Big Six Duck Race (1995)
Coffeeman (1996) Jungle Out There (1996)
The Pyramid Coalition (1995) EY Traveller, Pt.1 (1999)
EY Traveller, Pt.2 (1999)